Trump’s Idyllic USA: A White America or a Vibrant America?
Trump's policies may make America white again, but also hobbled and weakened, a nation that has squandered its greatest assets — its people and its democracy
Is Indonesia a Model Muslim-Majority Democracy?
The emergence of militant Islamists has made it difficult for moderate Muslims to implement their vision for a pious democracy
Modern Journalism: The Concept of Balance
Fake Morality is Deceiving the Public
Let Labour Shape an Administration that the UK Really Needs
Surveys since the election demonstrate that Theresa May is consistently losing support
Qatar v Saudi Arabia: Which Side Will the West take?
The political fracture between Qatar and its neighbors debilitates the US and British relations with the Gulf States
The Cultural War in the USA
The Far Right is pursuing a war against you. Sooner or later you need to battle back
Trump Vs Kim: Who Do We Need to Stop?
The recent development demands a revival of moral case of disarmament
Can UK Break Away From ECJ?
The UK will “reclaim control” from Europe – over cash, over borders and over laws
As We Stand in the Middle: A Need for Balancing Act
A Letter to My Wife
Love is Not in the Air
10 ways to have a harmonious married life.
Learn the Art of a Good Interview
11 tips to have a great conversation
Pregnancy and Sex: Understanding the Mystery
How to Bump the Bump
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